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In the Bolivian Amazon, thousands of families depend on fisheries, especially indigenous peoples and rural communities. Fishing for the paiche (Arapaima gigas), an introduced species, has become a socioeconomic alternative in recent years, and contributes to subsistence for many indigenous fishers.

In support of sustainable development, Peces para la Vida II conducts technical and social studies to optimize management practices for this species. The project aims to scale-up these management capacities into additional indigenous communities across Bolivia’s Northern Amazon region. Additionally, the project is contributing to building a supportive environment for improved fisheries governance, considering all actors in the region.

Fisheries in indigenous and rural communities

In Cachuela Esperanza, Rosario del Yata and 10 communities distributed in four indigenous territories (TCO), the Amazon Fish for Food team (Peces para la Vida II) completed research to characterize the fishery and its importance for these communities.

Testimonio de Selin Trujillo Bravo, presidente de la FEUPECOPINAB

La pesca en el Norte amazónico de Bolivia, historia, problemas y perspectiva Selin Trujillo Bravo Federación Única de Pescadores, Comercializadores y Piscicultores del Norte Amazónico de Bolivia, FEUPECOPINAB. La pesca comercial en el Norte Amazónico data de los años 60, nuestros padres y mucha gente…

Abundance of paiche in four indigenous territories of Bolivia's Northern Amazon

In coordination with the Central Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIRABO), the Peces para la Vida II Project completed a participatory evaluation of paiche abundance and distribution in rivers and lagoons in four indigenous territories (TCOs) of the Beni Department .

Celebrating one year supporting the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Bolivia!

The Peces para la Vida II Project is finding solutions aimed at improving food security and livelihoods in Amazonian Bolivia through technical and organizational support and facilitated access to financial services. The fish farming sector benefits from various experiences and training and, thanks…

Fishers strengthen their capacity in management and public policy influence

The FEUPECOPINAB (Unified Federation of Fishers, Vendors, Fish Farmers of the Northern Amazon of Bolivia) met on three occasions to plan actions, build capacity, and develop a strategic plan for the development and strengthening of the Northern Amazon fisheries sector.

Ministerial resolution authorizes paiche (Arapaima gigas) fishing as an environmental measure

Paiche fishing in protected areas and indigenous territories is now allowed for the conservation of native fish. Development of policies and procedures for its utilization are continuing.

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