Platforms Make Headway

Platforms Make Headway

These tools have helped generate capacity, define institutional frameworks and give direction which enables the full consolidation, development and implementation of each Platform. Platform regulations, used to regulate its strategic and operational planning, have been approved by the municipalities of Puerto Villarroel and Entre Ríos in Cochabamba. Through the enactment of municipal laws, platforms receive legal recognition as spaces for technical consultation and the private-public planning that is essential for the development of the aquaculture sector.
Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Plans have been developed with the active participation of stakeholders, allowing them to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the fishery and aquaculture sectors in each municipality. The proposed actions respond to specific needs, and the solutions include actions that will improve and increase the production and consumption of fish meat.
The successful development of these platforms was largely due to the experiences shared by Canadian Round-tables during a technical visit of Bolivians to Canada in 2015. These included visits to the World Fisheries Trust, University of Victoria, Cowichan River Roundtable, the West Coast Aquatics Board, and Clayoquot Bioshpere Trust, a roundtable discussion with the Vancouver Aquarium, First Nations Fisheries Council, EcoTrust, and VanCity, and the Nuu-chah-nulth Seafood Development Corporation.

Development Plan for the Municipality of Puerto Villarroel:

Participants in the platform-building process have seen direct benefits for their families and for the community in general:

  • Virginia Villaroel, Senda 2 de Agosto Municipality of Puerto Villarroel:
    “The platform helps everyone, including our friends, our children, my family and my children’s children. If there were no workshops there would be no production. It helps us live better and more peacefully.”
  • Miguel Cartagena, President of the Association of Fish Farmers of Puerto Villarroel:
    “The benefit of the platform is not for me alone, but for all people. I think that the Platform will support us in some projects; from both the municipality and the government. I think it can help us improve fish production, the quality of feed and fish fry/fingerling genetics. “
  • Edmundo Mamani, District III, Municipality of Puerto Villarroel:
    “The Platform is there to improve fish production, and is very necessary for marketing. Now we have to integrate ourselves and work towards obtaining financial support from the municipal, departmental, national, and international levels. There are many NGOs, and some institutions that can help us. We need participation from producers, funders, technical experts, and government at the municipal, departmental and national level. It has to be integrated.”

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