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The fisheries and aquaculture value chains face several bottlenecks that prevent the development of these sectors in the Bolivian Amazon. To solve these problems, Peces para la Vida II supports multi-stakeholder platforms, improves fish market strategies and helps develop specific business plans.

Second aquaculture platform established in Puerto Villarroel

Following the request by the Municipal Government of Puerto Villarroel and the Aquaculture Association of the Fifth Section, an innovation platform (roundtable) specific to this municipality was formed. Between March and September 2016, IMG convened several social training workshops aimed at building this new multi-stakeholder…

Creating Shared Values with Fishing: A Good Deal for All!

The creation of shared values is one of the pillars of the “Business Models” implemented by PPV II and informed by a technical exchange with VanCity Credit Union in Canada. Shared value focuses on identifying and strengthening the links between social and financial components of local economies, creating economic value through reinforced soc…

Business models for the aquaculture sector, an innovative approach

How to create successful business models? The Peces para la Vida Project addresses this question with the Bolivian fish farming sector, supported by the Canadian fish expert Dr. Brian Davy. The Project is exploring proposals to create and strengthen clusters, or inclusive conglomerates for small producers, bring together suppliers and…

Developing national quality standards for fish products

PPVII has been working closely with the National Service of Agricultural Health and Food Safety (SENASAG) in the participatory development of their technical regulation: “Sanitary Requirements for the Handling, Processing, Transportation and Commercialization of Fish and Its Products”.

Aquaculture Platform continues to move forward

From September 2015 to February 2016, the development of aquaculture sector "platforms" continued with high levels of acceptance by municipal authorities, organizations of producers, and public and private institutions in the focal areas of the Peces para la Vida II Project.

Amazon Fish for Food: Canada helps in Scaling Up!

The Amazon Fish for Food Project (Peces para la Vida II), now in its 2nd of 3 years, proposes to scale-up and strengthen fishing and aquaculture-based livelihoods and their Integrated Production Complexes in Bolivia. The project focuses on two main scaling-up models:

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