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Access to financial services remains a major obstacle for the development of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. To overcome this, Peces para la Vida II builds appropriate support mechanisms for small-scale entrepreneurial development, including microcredit finance that reaches female and male producers.

Financial products for the fisheries and aquaculture sectors

In its first year of implementation, Peces para la Vida II disbursed 80% of the target placement of its resources thanks to a diversified range of financial services and to the addition of new financial service centres.

International forums on financial tools, microfinance and sustainable development

During the Bolivia-Canada exchange in November 2015, the University of Victoria and World Fisheries Trust (WFT) hosted two workshops focused on aspects of microcredit and sustainable development. Sharing experiences and knowledge, participants from both countries contributed to the project's strategies and discussed the application of…

Scaling up in fisheries and aquaculture: 13 new credit applications

Between March and August of 2015, CIDRE financed 13 new credit operations dedicated to fish production in three of its agencies located in the Amazon.

Signing of Trust fund with the BDP and negotiations with Mayors

On the 22nd of July, 2015, after substantial negotiations with the Development Bank for Production (BDP), CIDRE signed a management contract for the Trust Fund for Fisheries and Aquaculture.

The first interactive tool for the participative evaluation of fishing and aquaculture businesses

Supporting the development of the fish sector, the Peces para la Vida II project provides the first financial instrument for aquaculture businesses, available to authorities, technicians, extension workers, producers, students, and others interested in tropical fish culture.

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