Financing is Scaled Up for Fish Production

Since the Project’s inception, CIDRE has offered its financial services to help scale up the fishing and fish farming industries in Bolivia, focusing not only on pacú production and paiche fishing, but also on the production and consumption of other fish species.

Disbursement of funds since the first quarter of 2015:

There is a high concentration of lending operations in aquaculture and river fishing, but also a significant contribution of PPV II services in support of restaurants which exclusively serve fish, and in lake fishing. However, the highest loans disbursed have been related to aquaculture activities.

This scaling-up has occurred at various levels along the production value chain, and geographically within the nine Bolivia Departments. The map shows that PPVII’s financial services are concentrated in the Bolivian Amazon and the core region of the Project but also extend to other regions of the country, including the Department of La Paz, where trout farms play an important economic role. In total, 170 operations have received financing, at an average of $ 5,991 USD per operation, with a total disbursement of $ 1,018,415 USD.

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