CESO and Canada’s VanCity assist CIDRE’s development as a Bolivian Bank

The relationship between CIDRE and Canadian institutions was further strengthened through a strategic agreement between CIDRE and the Canadian Overseas Executive Service (CESO-SACO), resulting out of contacts from CIDRE’s participation in a PPVII technical visit to Canada in 2015.
This project is assisting CIDRE as they evolve into a fully chartered Bolivian bank. Through this project, CESO-SACO has offered training and expert advice to CIDRE IFD’s executive staff to help improve their different institutional strategies and the future bank “Banco Pyme de Mi Tierra S.A.”, which will be the CIDRE’s new legal entity. This has included a recent consultative visit by Van City’s chief enterprise architect (time donated by VanCity), and an on-going relationship with Van City, one of Canada’s leading values-based financial co-operatives (facilitated by WFT). Internships for CIDRE development officers at VanCity in Vancouver are planned over the next six months.
This spin-off project is contributing to institutional strengthening within the PPVII, through advice on various areas, including the implementation of training units and the design of new complementary services, such as insurance and leasing. Together, this allows the PPV II project to scale the impact of its financial solutions throughout the country.

From left to right: Santiago Laserna (Head of Planning and Control CIDRE IFD), Julio Alem (National Manager of Projects and Innovations CIDRE IFD), Nick Stitt (Project Leader CESO-SACO), Álvaro Moscoso (General Manager CIDRE IFD ).

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