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Bolivia is home to nearly 1,000 species of fish.
A balanced combination of conservation and sustainable use of these resources can contribute to an increase in fish consumption and food security for Bolivians, improve food sovereignty and consolidate employment and livelihoods of nearly 10,000 families of commercial fishermen. and indigenous.

What do we do?

Amazon fishing

Peces para la Vida carries out technical and social studies and contributes to the optimization of management practices for paiche (Arapaima gigas)

Financial services

Peces para la Vida develops and provides financial support mechanisms

small scale aquaculture

Peces para la Vida accompanies the growth of the aquaculture sector in the Bolivian Amazon


Fish for Life strengthens the role of women in fish chains in Bolivia.


Peces para la Vida contributes to the consolidation of multi-stakeholder platforms, in order to improve fish production and marketing strategies


Peces para la Vida contributes to the mitigation of negative environmental impacts associated with commercial fishing and small-scale aquaculture.