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My name is Hugo Mamani Silvestre, I was born in the town of Arani, in the Department of Cochabamba, my wife's name is Gumersinda Ventura, and she was born in San Juan de Yapacaní; We have 3 children, the oldest is 16 years old, the second is 14 years old and the youngest is 10 years old.

3 years ago I planted rice, but the price of rice dropped a lot and I went into debt to purchase agrochemicals, so there are no profits. We have 2 ponds on my property and all members of my family participate in the care, feeding, harvesting, etc. We also have other activities to cover family expenses; I have my line and I am dedicated to passenger transportation in the 10 de Febrero Montero-Santa Cruz Union; my wife has a sale at the market; We leave early for work.