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Ana Aguilera (and husband Juan Carlos Moreira)

“Our family's quality of life has improved greatly with fish production and with our restaurant specializing in grilled fish “Palacio del Tambaquí.” “We have economic stability.”

“Before, my husband stopped in the chaco. I wanted to work to help him, but my oldest daughter was still very young and I had to stay and take care of her. We have tried in several areas. We spent six years growing rice…to invest and there was little profitability.

One day, after listening to my mother-in-law talk so much about fish farming, and so as not to be left alone at home, I decided to accompany her to the meeting of her association APNI (Association of Northern Integrated Fish Farmers), and there I listened to the explanation of the CEPAC technicians and what the other partners were talking about. There I just saw it interesting, I got excited and signed up for the Association.

The fish farmers had difficulty selling their fish...At first it was very difficult, because it was not sold. I started a restaurant specializing in grilled fish - “Palacio del Tambaquí”, and we grew. We were marketers for about a year and a half, until we were finally able to build four ponds to produce our own fish.
Everything we sell is from our production and the local production of the fish farmers of Yapacaní. …we are fish farmers. …not only because it generates economic income, but also because it guarantees our supply of fish.

I have been a fish farmer since 2011, and I was president of APNI in 2012 and 2013. Thanks to the fact that I belong to APNI, I received training from CEPAC. I was also trained in fish reproduction at CEPTA in Brazil, thanks to the Fish for Life Project (PPV I).

The greatest satisfaction is that we have found economic stability, with the activity of raising and marketing fish. Definitely with our income, our quality of life has improved. Our children go to private schools, we can buy things we like, clothes, school supplies... In general, we are better than before. We make the decisions as a couple, my husband and I, we talk before deciding.”