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From September 4 to 5, 2013, in the city of Cochabamba, scientists, public actors, local authorities and actors from the fishing sector met to participate in the workshop on Management of Paiche (Arapaima gigas), a species of giant fish introduced in Bolivia, organized by the Bolivian Aquaculture Research and Development Center (CIDAB – MDRyT) in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Fish for Life project. The objective of this event was to share information about the species and establish the necessary bases for its management.

Introductory Note


Distribution map of paiche in Bolivia

The presentations

1- MMyA, Pilar Becerra: The conservation of aquatic biodiversity in Bolivia and what implies that the paiche is in Appendix II of CITES (PDF)
2- SERNAP, Hector Cabrera Condarco: Invasive species and protected areas (PDF)
3- FAUNAGUA, Paul A. Van Damme: Introduced species in the Bolivian Amazon PDF)
4- IRD, Thierry Oberdorff: Introduction of fish species into rivers: distribution and potential impact at global and basin scale (PDF)
5- WCS, Guido Miranda: Possible impacts of a threatened invader (PDF)
6- FAUNAGUA, Adalid Argote: What do we know so far about the paiche? (PDF)
7- FAUNAGUA, Claudia Coca: The paiche value chain in the northern Bolivian Amazon (PDF)
8- CAOR, Gonzalo Serrrate: Paiche, a species with potential for aquaculture PDF)
9- SEDAG BENI: Regulations for fishing and marketing of fish species in the department of Beni (PDF)

The experience of the fishermen: Video selection

Know more :
The introduction of the Paiche in the Bolivian Amazon - article F. Carvajal et al., 2012

Distribution of arapaima (Arapaima gigas) (Pisces: Arapaimatidae) in Bolivia:
implications in the control and management of a non-native population – article G. Miranda et al., 2012

“The contribution of native fish species and an introduced species, the paiche (arapaima gigas) to food security in the northern Bolivian Amazon” – FAUNAGUA