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Within the framework of the IAPA project (¨Integration of Amazonian Protected Areas¨), and with the support of IUCN and WWF, FAUNAGUA collaborates with SERNAP for the implementation of a paiche control plan in the Amazon Manuripi National Wildlife Reserve.

The vision of the Reserve is to be a protected area that, through agreements between actors, research, monitoring, as well as through the control and comprehensive and sustainable use of the paiche, conserves its native fish species and contributes to the well-being of its actors. premises and the management of the Reserve, within the framework of existing regulations.

The general objective of the plan is to mitigate the negative impact of the paiche (*Arapaima gigas*) on the native ichthyofauna of the RNVSAM through controlled extraction and the comprehensive use of byproducts, generating social and economic benefits for the residents of the area.

The first implementation actions are the carrying out of an experimental fishery, the strengthening of local capacities, the establishment of internal fishing management rules, training in good practices throughout the production chain and the exchange with expert fishermen from Acre, Brazil.