Luis Enrique Badani

Luis Enrique Badani is an engineer and Legal Representative of IMG Consulting. He resides in Cochabamba, Bolivia, from Madrid – Spain. He is an Industrial Engineer with specialization in the food industry and textile industry, as well as a Master's Degree in Business Administration. He has worked as a plant engineer and development consultant for 20 years. During this time, and after having founded his own firm, IMG Consulting, Mr. Badani has developed skills, knowledge and competencies in different areas, such as: Planning and Strategy in all its areas (business, institutional, sectoral and territorial - municipal, departmental and national-), Competitiveness, Productive Development, Rural Development, Local Economic Development, Comprehensive Productive Complexes, Articulation and Management of Public-Private Multi-Stakeholder Platforms, Business Management, Strengthening of MSMEs and New Entrepreneurships. During the last 12 years, Mr. Badani has been involved in more than 80 programs/projects in the aforementioned areas, in both urban and rural settings. He has work experience in Latin America and Africa.

Role in PPV II: Principal Investigator (PI); Strategic management and general coordination of activities and tasks to fulfill the planned and delegated results in your work team (IMG), as well as the achievement of the specific objectives of the program.