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In its area of intervention, through technical and organizational support, and facilitating access to financial services, the Project is solving difficulties, in order to improve the living conditions of the populations and food security. The fish farming sector benefited from various experiences and training and, thanks to the contribution of the Project, the fishing sector of the Northern Amazon, particularly in indigenous communities, improved its capacity to manage paiche. The creation of multi-stakeholder platforms demonstrated the efficiency of dialogue to improve the entire fish value chain, with increasing involvement of public actors.

Fish for Life II carried out its research with around 1,500 producers and fishermen, and more than 1,000 actors from the fishing and fish farming sectors in Bolivia. Through various interventions, such as trainings, workshops, technical access and exchanges, Fish for Life II has a total of 3,200 direct beneficiaries, with an average of 38 % women.

Rodrigo Daza,
Tiffanie Rainville, WFT,