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fish for life

Improving food security in Bolivia

Peces para la Vida is an alliance between six institutions from Bolivia and Canada, which aims to strengthen the small-scale fishing and aquaculture sector in Bolivia.

New in 2023

FAUNAGUA publishes the article "Fisheries of the scavenger species Calophysus macropterus: a case study in the Bolivian Amazon", in the journal Neotropical Hydrobiology and Aquatic Conservation.
Sean Irwin et al. published the article "The contribution of small-scale, privately owned tropical aquaculture to food security and dietary diversity in Bolivia" in the journal Food Security.

Geoportal about
Amazon aquaculture in Bolivia!

A geoportal on pacú/tambaquí aquaculture in the Amazon is presented. Click on the image to the right to enter. This portal has four objectives:        

Present a map of the state (2015/16) of aquaculture in 89 municipalities of the Bolivian Amazon in the year 2015/16.
Introduce a map of aptitude of municipalities for aquaculture
Guide the fish farmer to find his way in the world of aquaculture.
Make key aquaculture information accessible.

To improve the price of fish that is paid to the fisherman in Riberalta, we must work together to improve the quality of the product, from fishing.



What do we do?

Amazon fishing

Peces para la Vida carries out technical and social studies and contributes to the optimization of management practices for paiche (Arapaima gigas)

Financial services

Peces para la Vida develops and provides financial support mechanisms

small scale aquaculture

Peces para la Vida accompanies the growth of the aquaculture sector in the Bolivian Amazon


Fish for Life strengthens the role of women in fish chains in Bolivia.


Peces para la Vida contributes to the consolidation of multi-stakeholder platforms, in order to improve fish production and marketing strategies


Peces para la Vida contributes to the mitigation of negative environmental impacts associated with commercial fishing and small-scale aquaculture.