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The fisheries and aquaculture value chains face several bottlenecks that prevent the development of these sectors in the Bolivian Amazon. To solve these problems, Peces para la Vida II supports multi-stakeholder platforms, improves fish market strategies and helps develop specific business plans.

The fisheries sector platform (roundtable) is consolidated in the Northern Amazon

To develop partnerships and strategic alliances in the fisheries sector, Peces para la Vida II promoted a series of meetings between fishers, vendors, entrepreneurs, public institutions and indigenous and rural organizations in an enabling environment that stimulates concerted action.

Working with Bolivia's Health Authority (SENASAG)

Ensuring the safety and quality of fish in Bolivian markets is essential for the development of the fisheries and aquaculture sectors in the country. Peces para la Vida II obtained the official participation of health authorities for the development of tools, procedures and regulations and for cooperatively planning future activities.

Riberalta Fish Fair promotes joint collaboration between fishers and authorities to develop the fisheries sector

The principal fisher and retail associations in Riberalta united with public and private institutions to promote fish and appreciation of its regional wealth and diversity.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Platforms under construction

How do we interact with social actors? Why, and for what purpose? These are some of the questions which have emerged during the creation of Productive Platforms in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors of the Bolivian Amazon.

Fileteo y desespinado: una etapa fundamental para la gastronomía con pescado

En el marco del programa de capacitación en higiene y manipulación del pescado en las cuencas amazónica y del Pilcomayo, el chef Vicente Cuevas enseña el fileteo y desespinado de pescado, una etapa fundamental en el procesamiento de la carne de pescado!

First Indigenous Community Center for Paiche Meat Processing in the Bolivian Amazon

El viernes 12 de julio del 2013 se inauguró oficialmente el primer Centro Comunitario de Procesamiento de Carne de Paiche en la comunidad indígena Trinidacito, ubicada en el Territorio Indígena Multiétnico II (TCO TIM II) del municipio de San Lorenzo en el departamento Pando. En dos meses de exi…

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