Second aquaculture platform established in Puerto Villarroel

Second aquaculture platform established in Puerto Villarroel

Following the request by the Municipal Government of Puerto Villarroel and the Aquaculture Association of the Fifth Section, an innovation platform (roundtable) specific to this municipality was formed. Between March and September 2016, IMG convened several social training workshops aimed at building this new multi-stakeholder aquaculture platform, the second of the Amazon Fish for Food Project.

New Aquaculture platform operating in Entre Rios
Due to the increasing growth of fish production, and the need expressed by producers, the Amazon Fish for Food Project, with direction from IMG, began building a new multi-stakeholder aquaculture Platform in the municipality of Entre Rios, Cochabamba. This municipality, with a population of approximately 32,000, is the second largest fish-producing municipality in the Tropic of Cochabamba. It has a 200-member Aquaculture Producer Association operating approximately 415 ponds that total 553,000 m² of water surface. This aquaculture platform initiative is intended to create a space for technical consultation and planning among public and private sector groups involved in the Integral Aquaculture Production Complex. It has the support and commitment of the Municipal Government of Entre Rios, the commonwealth of municipalities within the Tropic of Cochabamba, other public organizations and programs, and the civil organization and productive population of this vital sector.

Álvaro Céspedes, IMG,
Eulogio Vargas, IMG,

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