Aquaculture Platform continues to move forward

Aquaculture Platform continues to move forward

From September 2015 to February 2016, the development of aquaculture sector "platforms" continued with high levels of acceptance by municipal authorities, organizations of producers, and public and private institutions in the focal areas of the Peces para la Vida II Project.

Between September 2015 and February 2016 PPVII Project continued coordinating activities to create platforms in the aquaculture sector. After preparatory meetings with the Municipal Directors of Productive Development, contacts with leaders of productive organizations and briefings with key regional authorities (mayors and municipal councils), project staff shared information on the features, advantages, functions, and mission of these spaces of dialogue. Platforms are being developed in the municipalities of San Carlos and Yapacaní (Santa Cruz Department) and Entre Rios and Puerto Villarroel (Cochabamba Department).

Most recently, thanks to the cooperation and active participation of the Municipality of Yapacaní, an informative meeting was held with the leaders of the Federation of Yapacaní Fish Farmers, the only organization that had not yet participated in the process of building the platform. The meeting included the Intercultural Federation, an organization with influence and advocacy capacity in the region. After seeing the similarities in the objectives of the various stakeholders, the combination of efforts through the platform was proposed and accepted by both the Federation of Yapacani Fish Farmers and the Intercultural Federation Board. Likewise, an important communication on the application submitted by the Municipality of Puerto Villarroel for the formation of its own platform was officially received. Due to the large number of producers present, this request will result in the construction of three platforms, thus expanding on the two originally planned in these areas.

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