Public-Private Consultation is a Key Tool for Productive Development

Since the 1990s, a set of financial services has been promoted to strengthen the productive sectors in Bolivia, in particular, the agricultural sector, which plays a significant role in national food security.
The National Government has implemented a financial policy that gives the public sector a very active role in operational and regulative aspects. The Productive Development Bank SAM (BDP), is the main governmental actor for this, created to strengthen productive activities by working directly with the public and with different entities of the national financial system.
PPVII’s partner in microfinance, CIDRE IFD, provides services that work well within the current financial policy, and since November 2016, have been negotiating a Framework Agreement for Inter-institutional Cooperation and Strategic Alliance with the BDP, to complement the services and products offered by both entities. Nine management contracts for different sectors have been signed with the BDP, including a strong focus on strengthening fisheries and aquaculture sectors. This demonstrates the desire of both entities to create and use financial products to strengthen agricultural sectors that directly affect (and can improve) food security and sovereignty.
Over the next five years, innovations of joint financing or technical assistance interventions will be linked to financial services for producers, to strengthen both the new national financial policy, and the agricultural sector, thus improving Bolivia’s food security.

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